Zorikh's Site of Obscure Sports and Sports Art

Latest update! I have started a page of logos of sports teams called "Knights!"

Alright, recently I attended a game of the Harlem Football League, an amateur leage that plays on a field up on 128th st here in New York. I have a page full of photos from the game for you to look at. Soon I'll have a write up of the event.

Yankee fans, we've got our first piece of art up here! Its a pencil drawing of David Cone I did recently.

Football fans and sociologists! Check out the dissertation on our experience at a New York CityHawks arena football game!

Soon, there will be scans of my sports related art, photos and articles of sports events I have attended, and links to sites of interesting and lesser known sports and sports leagues. I think I may be related to Ed Berrier, NASCAR driver, so I'll make links to his info, too. In the meantime, visit our other sites: Zorikh's Watch This Space,for my acting resume, comics I've drawn, Shakespearean heraldry, and photos, articles, art, a list of movies of intrests that intersect with those of the Society for Creative Anachronism, my guestbook, and more; and Here I Is! where my paintings can be found.

I hate to sound like a cheap shill, but you can set up a website like this for free too!-->

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